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Kansas and Missouri Ground Source, Geothermal and Geoexchange Solutions
by well driller Jesse Yoakum

The Ultimate in Heating/Cooling Efficiency

PLEASE NOTE: It should be understood that three terms are often used interchangeably for this type of efficient system. The terms “ground source”, “geothermal” and “geoexchange” mean the same thing.

How Ground Source Systems Work

Owners of Missouri and Kansas ground source systems can enjoy high quality heating and cooling year after year at substantial savings! Because ground source systems work on a different principle than ordinary furnace/air conditioning systems, they require less maintenance. Ordinary furnaces using natural gas or propane create heat through a chemical combustion by burning fuel. With a ground source system, the earth’s natural heat is collected in water through a series of pipes, called a loop, installed below the earth’s surface. Fluid circulates through the loop and carries heat into the home. There, the system uses electrically driven compressors and heat exchangers in a vapor compression cycle to concentrate the earth’s energy and release it inside the home as heat.

In the summer, the process is reversed to cool the home. The heat is pulled from the home, carried out through the loop, and absorbed by the earth.

Ground source systems can also provide all, or part, of a home’s hot water through the addition of a desuperheater to the system. When the unit is running frequently, homeowners can obtain all of their hot water in this manner, virtually for free.

Usually borings are drilled and vertical ground closed loops are installed. There are several other types of loop systems, such as open, pond, and horizontal ground.

Although we have the ability to drill using any of the above loop systems, we choose to utilize vertical ground closed loop. This type seems to be the most efficient for both geological and weather conditions specific to our area.

Savings for you!

Studies have shown that about 70% of the energy used in a ground source heating and cooling system is renewable energy from the ground. What this means to you is a savings of up to 70% in heating costs and 50% in cooling costs, compared to a conventional system. These systems are highly reliable, require little maintenance, and are built to last for decades.

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